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A tech threat-Designer, Developer, Freelancer and a Coding Instructor

I’m a technophile and Product Designer who is making the internet a more beautiful place by providing tech support for businesses. I’m also passionate about Community, Women in Tech and Kids in Tech. I am a Community Lead at code-impact Dev Community

What services will you get from me?

Digital Marketing

Let's leverage digital channels such as Google search, social media, email, online advertising and your website to connect with your current and prospective customers whereever they are spending their time.

Product Design

I design and execute solutions to produce an interactive experience that solves the needs of your customers and your business

Web Development

Let's talk about the web, your business needs an awesome website right? That's exactly what I do. I build and maintainace responsive and mobile friendly websites.

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Why you should join CodeImpact Dev Community

Getting involved in a community is one of the greatest decisions I have made in my career path. To be honest, if there’s something I wish I knew in my first year of campus, it is a tech community and how to get involved. Well, today we shall talk about CIDEVCommunity.

Reasonable Accommodation

Let's talk about reasonable accommodation. I am currently a student at OutboxEDUPrepiv Bootcamp and one of the things that Outbox prioritizes is inclusion. At Outbox, we also have students that are disabled or have physical impairments ie. they are deaf, or can't talk.

My Experience at Outbox EDU, I am glad I am part of the team

Hello, I am Sharon an alumnus of the Outbox EDU program. You might be having a desire to pursue a Software Engineering career and you probably do not know what to do or how to start. Well, the good news is that there a number of coding boot camps you can attend

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